If you’re like me and quite frankly would rather have five more minutes in bed than spending that precious time on yourself getting dressed, then this one’s for you…

Choose Your Outfit The Night Before

Chances are you know what you’ll be doing the next day. Whether it’s work, a country walk, a wedding or just an average Joe kinda day, decide what you’re going to wear. By all means, you’re not then stuck with having to wear this – if it snows 7cm outside, maybe switch up your courts for some wellies but you get where I’m going with this…

Maybe you’re rocking a cami and skinny jean combo with a snuggly cardigan in the AM but come the PM switch up your knitwear for a biker or blazer – outfit stresses be gone.

Meal Prep

If you’re like me, the thought of cooking in the morning before work fills me with dread – so get your meal prep done before you hit the sack. It’ll mean you can literally grab and go on your way out and you’ll feel a little bit like a girl boss.

Pack Your Bag Ready

So this one’s a little like school – get your bag packed before bedtime. Think of everything you’ll need that day – whether it’s your laptop, your handbag perfume or that spare pair of flats for the walk home. Whatever it is, get what you need ready so you’re not faffing around in then morning wondering where your phone lead has walked off to.

Have Everything You Need Handy

I’m talking your shoes to your make-up and your handbag to your keys – keep them in a place where you’ll remember where they are so that no extra time is spent turning the house upside down because your partner moved your car keys to what they thought was a ‘logical place’ – sure Mark, sure…

Put Some Music On

This one may seem a little odd but your favourite music will not only get you in a good mood in the AM, but it’ll help you keep track of time. Stay with me on this one… An average track is what, 3 minutes? So you know five songs in that you’ve been getting ready for 15 minutes and it’s probably time to start wrapping things up.

Practice Makes Perfect

If you like to make an effort with your hair and make-up, that’s A-OK. You can look fly in five minutes, trust me. Not all ‘dos’ take all day. Think ‘I Woke Up Like This’ but with less bed head and more off duty. Get your routine down and you’ll be able to do it in your sleep, well, almost…

Don’t Check Your Phone

Apart from switching off your alarm, try to avoid using your phone in the morning. The minute I open my social channels, emails and messages, I can get lost for hours. Put it down, and keep it on silent until you leave the house. It’ll make you more zen too.