Wanna have the ultimate boss girl CV? We got the dos and don’ts you need to be a job-seeking pro…

DO stand out from the crowd

Why you? This is your opportunity to sell yourself. There are more students graduating from UK Universities than ever before. Employers want people who stand out among their classmates and peers. You are unique and you are the best! Tell them why and how.


DON’T mention irrelevant details

Make sure the content of your CV focuses on the job you are applying for. What key skills do you have? Make sure these key skills match the job description. As much as everyone loves cake they don’t need to know you worked in a bakery if you’re applying for a wholesale design role!


DO keep it real

Keep it up to date by listing your jobs in order of the most recent and relevant first.


DON’T make it too long

Detail is important, don’t get us wrong – but employers are super busy the majority of the time. Your CV needs to be readable, easy to scan over and ideally shouldn’t be any more than two pages.


DO Get Linked In

This is an essential tool to market yourself and build your professional network, especially when you’re just starting out in your career. 95% of all recruiters and hiring managers now search for candidates on LinkedIn. Don’t just use it as an online CV, use it to research your industry then connect, contact and communicate.


DON’T miss out the basics

Your CV should always include the most basic contact details (phone number, email, home address etc.). It seems silly but so many people forget to include these basic details or they list them incorrectly. If they can’t call or email you, then you are sadly out of the running.