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It’s a truth universally acknowledged that looking at photos of adorable animals will instantly fill you with happiness. Just one glance at friendly feline will make you forget about all the stress you’ve got going on and send you to a state of bliss. Which is why we’ve rounded up our fave – and cute AF – animal instas that you should get following RN.


Mr. Bagel The Chinchilla

Serving up a slice of cuteness in every single way, Mr Bagel is an Instafamous rodent who likes dressing up, posing with his miniature trolley (a chinchilla’s gotta shop too, you
know) and eating tasty treats. He’s also an anti-fur ambassador and lives in sunny California with his human Steve.


Pumpkin The Raccoon

Although she’s a racoon, cheeky Pumpkin thinks she’s a dog and spends most of her time with her two canine buddies, Toffee and Oreo, podging out on the sofa and dishing out the sweetest cuddles.


Jack The Wallaby

This Aussie wallaby will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Sweet potato is his favourite snack and when he’s not eating he likes lounging in his hammock, catching some rays – it’s a hard life!


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Penny The Goat

Penny the goat – full name Penny Lane – was adopted by her human, Rachel, in 2017 after she got lost from her herd. Rachel is a yoga teacher who has not only welcomed Penny into her
home and heart but also into her yoga sessions – they’re possibly the most charming yoga buddies you’ll ever come across. When she’s not perfecting her downward dog, Penny can be found hitting the beach and even dabbling in a bit of surfing.


Venus The Two Face Cat

Venus is a curious looking cat given one half of her face is orange, with a blue eye, and the other side is solid black with a green eye. According to her humans, Venus is “0 percent Photoshopped, 100 percent Born This Way!”


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Henry The Tortoise

When he’s not taking his daily walk at the local park, where he gets up to mischief and revels in all the attention he receives, he’s dreaming of dandelions or taking a tortoise spa day in his human Amalia’s bath. Tortoises are renowned for being somewhat slow and ploddy, but Henry keeps his human on her toes and entertains his legions of followers every day, too.


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Teddy The Shetland

A fluff ball of sweetness and light and all things nice, Teddy is a two-year-old gorgeous golden haired Shetland. One glance at his feed and you’re heart will melt, he’s just so chuffing adorable. Trust me, follow Teddy and you’ll soon forget about all the bad things in the world.


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Hamlet The Piggy

Hamlet is a therapy pig who brings comfort and support to his human Melanie who suffers from epilepsy. Living it up in Nashville he enjoys a pretty pampered life, you need to follow this cute pig for his adorable outfits and bags of sass.