Well kinda… We got our hopes up when we heard the words ‘GIFs’ and ‘Insta stories’ were used in the same sentence because we all know GIFs are life. But, whilst our tech friends are yet to bless our feeds with Mean Girls GIFs, there is a GIF element to get excited about.



Because as of today, you can make your stories that lil’ bit more extra by adding GIF stickers to ’em. Think falling snowflakes, cute captions and llamas popping up from nowhere (yep I went llama crazy when it launched). If you wanna jump in on the action, you’ll find the new feature under the sticker icon on the top right of your story. And it’ll show up as ‘GIF’ with a search bar. And then voila, you can search for your perf GIF sticker.


Insta stories will never be the same again…