Remember when you were little and got told you can be ANYTHING you want? Yeah, well you can forget becoming a world class pop star or flying to the moon – this is the ULTIMATE dream career. A professional pizza taster.

This is an actual listed job, and it honestly sounds like the best thing ever.

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Bath Pizza Co. are offering a part time role (two hours a week) that has a competitive salary with serious pizza perks. The perks being you get to gobble cheesy goodness every week, ofc.

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Unfortunately it is based in Bath – so if you’re not from nearby you might have to weigh up how much you truly love pizza.

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Other requirements of the job include an ‘experienced pizza connoisseur’ with a love of wood fired flavors, a cultured palette and knowledge in the realm of pizza.

Anyone reckon they’d be up for the job?

Photo Credit: @sausagelord / GIPHY