Happy National Barbie Day! 

Barbie turns 57 today (what is her secret!?) and with International Women’s Day still top of our thoughts this week, what better way to celebrate than getting nostalgic with one of the oldest role models on the scene. Inspiring the world with basically every career under her belt and a wardrobe to die for, of course she gets her own day! Here’s why she’s one of our ultimate heroes…

9 Reasons Barbie Is An Inspiring Woman

She’s Smart

Barbie has got serious brains and isn’t afraid to use them! How else could she be a doctor, astronaut or even President!?

She’s Hardworking    

She may have brains on her side but she knows you don’t get something for nothing! Barbie has fought her way into so many careers, she’s constantly on the go and even 57 years later is still learning new things, making new friends and just generally living life to the full. If that doesn’t give you life goals I don’t know what will!

9 Reasons Barbie Is An Inspiring Woman
9 Reasons Barbie Is An Inspiring Woman

She’s Kind and Caring

If You’ve ever seen a Barbie movie you’ll know friends com first… always! When you’ve got a problem you know she’ll be there to help, who wouldn’t want Barbie as a bestie?

Girl Got Style!

Whether she’s in tune with the trends or blazing her own fashion trail, Barbie’s style is always on point! Introduced to the world as a “teenage fashion model”,  she’s been teaching girls how to dress for decades – we owe her for our accessorising skills!

9 Reasons Barbie Is An Inspiring Woman
9 Reasons Barbie Is An Inspiring Woman

She doesn’t NEED a man (but it doesn’t mean she can’t have one)

With the infamous breakup of Barbie and Ken from 2004 – 2011, Barbie proved she is totally happy single. She’s obviously not afraid of commitment but “needed time alone” and that is 100% okay!

She’s A Feminist Icon

Forget living in a man’s world, girls run Barbie’s pink-tastic world all on their own. From firefighters to doctors and the stereotypical male jobs in between, Barbie has it all under control! She even has time to promote girl power in the real world with the #LetGirlsLearn campaign – we’re talking serious Girl Boss!

9 Reasons Barbie Is An Inspiring Woman

She Can Handle The Haters

Let’s be honest, Barbie has dealt with her fair share of controversy throughout the years over her looks. Yes, her tiny waist was unrealistic but if we’re talking about celebrating every shape and size, she isn’t about to apologise for her own!

She Has The Ultimate #GirlSquad

No matter your height, shape or size, everyone is welcome in Barbie world as 2016’s new line of Barbies represents everyone! The blonde’s still got it but so does every other colour out there… #bluehairdon’tcare.

9 Reasons Barbie Is An Inspiring Woman

She Knows That You Can Do Anything!

Whether it’s a hobby or your ideal career, Barbie knows that you shouldn’t give up on your dreams because no matter your age, you can be whatever you want to be!

9 Reasons Barbie Is An Inspiring Woman

Image Sources: Instagram @barbie and @barbiestyle