1. The Pre-Game Nerves

This can be anything from butterflies to that not-so-attractive top lip getting a lil’ overheated. IT HAPPENS, OKAY.

2. The Imagination Gone Wild

Will he be the one? Maybe he’ll pay the bill without you even noticing? Maybe you’ll lose your shoe and he’ll have to try and find you Cinderella-style? A girl can dream…

3. The Moment of Truth

They’re here. OMG. Deep breaths. Concentrate on that top lip. Smile. And definitely don’t wink.

4. The Ultimate Let Down

Tall, dark and handsome? Not quite. But you’re gonna power through, order a large glass of wine and soldier on. ‘Cos mama didn’t raise no quitter.

5. Wine O’Clock

Conversation is drying up to say the least. You’ve already covered the weather. Time for another wine?

6. The Glimmer Of Hope

Yes, you may be tipsy but wait…he just laughed at your awful dad joke (at you, with you…what’s the difference.) MAYBE HE IS THE ONE!

7. The Goodbye

Handshake? Hug? Kiss? Argh – you panic and go for the hand shake but somehow end up bumping noses as he goes in for the kiss. Awks.

8. The Debrief

You call your bestie who’s been on call in the taxi home to fill them in inbetween mouthfuls of kebab. Let’s face it, you deserve a treat.