1. Your Instagram is full of your cat and nothing but your cat

That’s right you bought a cat. Problem?

2. Netflix doesn’t bother asking if you’re still watching anymore

It knows you are.

3. Your Tinder says there’s no one new left in a 25 mile radius

That’s right you’ve flicked through them all.

4. Sharing a bed makes you so sad

Star-fishing > spooning.

5. Friday nights are made for ordering too much take away and siting in your pants

And you’re totally okay with that.

6. PDA makes you sick

Get a room people.

7. You are your own cheerleader

Go get it girl, you got this!

8. You’re serious about Netflix and chill

You actually think they want to chill and eat their body weight in Nachos with you – so you bring the salsa, obvs.

GIF source: Giphy