Even though summer is the season of beach days (actually, do we really get a proper summer in the UK?) we’re SO ready for pumpkin spiced lattes and the leaves changing. We’re on Team Autumn all the way!

Cheezburger funny autumn leaves GIF

1. The sound of leaves crunching under your feet

And all of the pretty changing colours, ofc


ABC Network tv television popcorn the middle GIF

2. New TV shows

‘Cos its cold outside and there’s a bigger selection of TV to indulge in


 halloween mean girls lindsay lohan mean girls movie cady heron GIF

3. Let’s not forget Halloween

Amazing costumes, lotsa sweets and, of course, HOCUS POCUS!


 fireworks firework GIF

4. And Bonfire Night

There’s something sooo romantic about fireworks, amiright?


Little Mix music video hair little mix squad GIF

5. Cosy nights in

There ain’t nothing like snuggling up and not leaving the house


Victoria Justice happy excited yay victoria justice GIF

6. You get to wear nice, comfy clothing

It’s officially the jumper season, and we love every min of it


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7. It’s the perf excuse to fill up on hot chocolate

Don’t forget the extra marshmallows


 movies film christmas grunge GIF

8. And, most importantly…it brings us closer to Christmas!!!

96 days exactly…but we’re deffo not counting…

Photo Credit: Unsplash  and GIPHY