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What girl doesn’t love slipping on a pair of heels to feel glam AF? From wedges to stilettos, they can transform any outfit from drab to an immediate 10/10. With the festive season now in full swing, it’s a guarantee that most of the galdem will be rocking a pair for Christmas parties or NYE. Well, that is if you can last the night in them…



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1. Euphoria

All dressed up and ready to hit the town, you slip on your heels and feel oh so sexy and streamlined. Why don’t you wear heels more often? Feeling confident, you do your best super model strut out of the door. Sucker.



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2. Denial

You start to feel a slight pinch half way through prinks, but no pain no gain, right? After all, Carrie Bradshaw managed to pound the streets of NYC 24/7 in heels, so you can last one evening…




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3. Panic

You’ve only been wearing your heels one or two hours, but already the pain is starting to get worse. And you haven’t even hit the dance floor yet. You pray that a couple of shots will help numb the inevitable agony that awaits.



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4. Self-Loathing

Why do you never learn? Why didn’t you pack some flats? Is it weird to ask the bar for some plasters? The clock hasn’t even struck midnight, but you’re already considering pulling a Cinderella.



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5. Defeat

The pain is excruciating, and no amount of alcohol can numb the inferno that’s occurring on your feet. It’s time to accept defeat and sit down or get an Uber home. Boo!



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6. Abandonment

Have you even been on a night out if you don’t take off your shoes and walk around bare foot/with some McDonald’s paper bags over your feet? The sweet relief alone is worth navigating the freezing cold and sharp AF pavement.



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7. Never Again

Although you’re convinced that you need your feet amputating you’ve somehow made it home. You make the age old empty promise that you’ll never wear heels again, until next weekend of course.



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