Going on a first date is up there with some of life’s more awkward experiences. It’s rarely like the Hollywood encounters we’d imagine as teens, and my younger self would try to avoid them as much as possible… So what can you expect when you finally say yes to potential bae?

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1. Pre-Date Nerves

 Once D-day approaches (date-day, geddit?), all that single woman sass will momentarily fade and you’ll suddenly start feeling pretty anxious. From what to wear to potentially backing out, cue encouraging Whatsapps from your squad. You got this girl!

2. Your Carriage Awaits

 Whether you’re getting on the bus, Ubering or even getting picked up (how old fashioned!), the journey to your date destination is always one filled with mixed emotions. Will he like me? Will I like him? Do I really want to go? I’ve been known to get a last-minute pep talk from my Uber driver on more than one occasion.

3. The Date Destination

 You’re either going to be pleasantly surprised at the chosen venue or disappointed. As long as it sells alcohol to soften potential awkward conversations, you’ll be fine.

4. Small Talk

  Cue something quintessentially British like a comment about the weather. Bless.

5. Real Talk

  After about half an hour, the nerves settle and you can hold a decent conversation. This part is crucial and your inner FBI is scouring for clues to see if this could be potential bae. Fingers crossed!

6. The Goodbye

 This is definitely the most cringe part of a first date. Everyone would be lying if they say they haven’t ever been in that cliché, are we going to kiss or not farewell. A peck on the cheek? A hand shake? Help!

7. A Second Date?

 Sometimes you’ll want to see them again, sometimes you’ll block their number straight away. Despite whatever experience you have, and as your primary school teacher would say, it’s the taking part that counts. Until next time of course.

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