by Sarah Pritchard

What I Learnt From Heartbreak

Standing in the gym and who walks past you? Oh the girl your ex cheated on you with. There she is looking all kinds of incredible with a full face of makeup and nothing but tight leggings and a sports bra on and then there’s you. A sweaty pumpkin in an old baggy tee.

But what do you care? That was years ago and you’re a strong, independent woman who don’t need no man! She can sit and stare at you all you want but you don’t feel awkward – you feel powerful!

All jokes aside though, the one thing that going through heartbreak has taught me is that he may have felt like your entire world at the time, but now he’s nothing but a memory – and I’m okay with that.

I’ve had some hard lessons in life but they’ve taught me some valuables things.

1. Put yourself first

No one has got your back quite like you.

2. Stick to the facts

People will talk until the cows come home but is there really any truth to what they’re saying?

3. Believe in yourself

Don’t ever let anyone put you down!

4. You get what you give

You have to put the effort in to get anything back

5. If a door shuts, another will open

Just because something has ended doesn’t mean something better won’t come along

6. Life goes on

No matter what happens, you will be okay

7. Life is unpredictable

You never know what is going to happen, appreciate each day as it comes

8. Don’t be scared to get hurt

Some of the best times of your life will come from your other half no matter how long it lasts

9. It’s okay to be sad

you have to feel what you feel! It’s okay to not be okay

10. Learn to let go

Let go of the things that no longer make you happy and make room for what will

Image credit: Unsplash