Another night out, another morning with a raging hangover after you went too hard (again). Once the waves of nausea and general self-loathing have subsided, it’s time to start all those resolutions you set. But first, you need to cure that pesky hangover…

1. Drink as many fluids as possible

 Water and Lucozade are well known to help with hangovers, but herbal teas such as ginger or peppermint are a tasty way to get through doomsday. If you’re on a budget, try slicing a lemon and adding hot water for a thrifty cure.


2. Eat

Eating is an important step on the road to recovery, and its a great way to treat yo self when you’re feeling fragile AF. Whether you start the day with a fry up or some avo and eggs on toast, your body needs some of those nutrients it lost when you had all that tequila.

 3. Go Outside

Sounds like a bad idea right? Wrong. Getting out of the house will make you feel like a functioning member of society, even if it’s just for a Maccers run. Plus, fresh air.


4. Do Some Gentle Exercise

Whether that’s some yoga stretches, taking your dog out or walking to the fridge and back, some movement will boost your energy levels.


5. Sleep

Sleep literally cures everything. Sounds good right?


6. Keep Yourself Busy

Beer fear is a real side effect of a hangover, so try and be productive instead of worrying about how you might’ve behaved last night. Plus, you’ll feel motivated and thus, more like a sassy queen.


7. Drink Some More

 I mean if you can’t beat them, join them?


Photo Credit: GIPHY