It’s pretty clear that every single Love Island viewer is a dedicated member of the Camilla Thurlow fan club – we know we are. Ever since she stepped foot in the villa, the nation are literally OBSESSED with every move she makes. She’s number one on our current girl gang wishlist, you don’t need to try and guess why…

1. Her and Marcel’s #friendshipgoals

We don’t need to go into reasons we love Marcel, because if you’re a fan of Camilla – Marcel is right up there with her and we would be here aaaallll day. These two are SO adorbs’ giving each other the ultimate pep talks or a hug when they’re down  –  we just want them both to live happily ever after, is that too much to ask?

2. When she showed true girl power

As if we couldn’t love her anymore, Camilla showed the UK how much of boss girl she really is when she brought feminism into the Love Island mix. She wasn’t afraid to say how she felt and gave us all the girl power goals to stand up for our own opinions. Can we get a HELL YEAH?

3. When she was cute AF crushin’ on Jonny

Yes, we know it’s a sore subject, Jamilla are no more *sob sob*, but this moment was still far too cute when we watched the couple rekindle their on/off romance on their first official date. As any supportive BFF would, we were SRSLY rooting for these two… that was of course until Jonny decided to crush all our hopes and dreams of Camilla finding the one, and no – we haven’t forgiven him yet.

4. When she put everyone else first

Our hearts all broke when we watched Jonny break it off with Camilla in his mission to crack on with new girl, Tyla. While we were all shouting at our screens and willing her to shove Jonny into that pool, she showed true cool girl vibes when she said she wanted him to be happy and would never wanna stand in the way of a their relationship.. Cam, you are TOO GOOD for him girl.

5. When she was a shoulder to cry on 

We watched the villa go a little cray cray’ when they got a postcard full of pic’s of the boys with some new baes. Camilla gave Gab’s a much needed girl talk along with the ultimate advice for any gal out there, you’ll wanna listen up. I think we all need a Camilla in our life, amiright?