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The internet has given millennials many wonderful things. From hilarious memes to unlimited puppy videos, we’ve got the digital world at our finger tips. And for the self-confessed shopaholics of us – it’s a dream come true…

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1. I’m just browsing

 Ah, pretending that you have enough control to just browse the latest trends online. So naïve. You’re in denial boo.


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2. Oh look, a sale!

 I mean, it wouldn’t hurt to check out the latest boohoo sale now would it? Gotta keep up with those style staples.


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3. Bargains everywhere

 Whether it’s in the sale or not, you need it in your ‘drobe and you need it now. All inhibitions are officially out of the window, so pile that basket high girl!


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4. Post checkout process

 The come down after any shopping spree, the post checkout process is the worst. Expect a desperate attempt at budgeting for the coming month / a small period of self-loathing.


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5. The post man is here!

 All doubts and regret fly out of the window when the post man gives you your package like a new born child. The world is pure again, and you have some killer threads to top it off. Enjoy!


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