Shout out to all the wannabe Upper-East siders. After being fans for 10 years, this show has taught us some SRSLY valuable lessons…


1. True best friends can get though anything together

It was never an easy ride for B and S, but they overcame so much together (murder, pregnancy scandals, failed royal marriages, you know the drill) and still came out fighting strong. Now that’s sisterhood.

2. Never change yourself to try fit in

Look at Little J- she turned from an innocent Brooklyn gal into a self-destructing mess after only briefly residing in the Upper East Side. Her relationship with her family fell apart, and for what? To sit on the Met Steps? Be you, and people will respect you for that far more.


 3. Real love will conquer all

Despite the fact Blair and Serena dated near enough every cute bachelor in Manhattan, neither of them could escape their ultimate fates that laid with Dan and Chuck. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

 4. A bit of glitz and glamour can go a long way

Sequins, sparkles and Chanel are just part of the dress code in GG. Whilst we could only ever dream of owning any of the fabulous garments owned by the Upper-East siders, we sure could admire them.

 5. No man will ever compete with Chuck Bass

Despite the fact he’s a total asshole in many of the series, we still can’t help but make excuses for our beloved Bass. He’s charming, sexy, powerful and his love for Blair is enough to make anyone swoon. He’s Chuck Bass, after all. *Sighs*

6. Family is everything

Gossip girl proves that blood isn’t everything- with Lily adopting Chuck, Dorota basically raising Blair and the Humphrey and Van Der Woodsen extended family. They all support and love one another no matter what- it ain’t all about the genes.

 7. Follow your dreams

We love GG even more that it encourages us to have goals and get out there and chase them. Vanessa makes her own film, Dan writes a book, Chuck owns his own hotel and Serena takes on endless jobs in the PR and film industry.

 8. Never take social media too seriously

Gossip Girl takes over people’s lives: but we know from the show that we shouldn’t believe everything we hear online. More importantly, we want to rise above with the fearlessness of Blair Waldorf. Sass.

 9. Don’t immediately trust everyone you meet

Okay, we’re not saying everyone you meet is an actress being hired to pretend to be your relative, or an ex-drug dealer, or a crazy girl who has a tape of you murdering someone. But being a little cautious never hurt anybody right?

 10. Being rich and famous isn’t as easy as we thought

Although we’d love to be living in a New York penthouse and attending all the hottest parties, we think we’d rather sit at home in our onesie and save all the drama for Gossip Girl. Being rich and beautiful looks like one big pain in the ass.

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