Just ‘cos you’re a veggie it doesn’t mean you can’t have one kick-ass BBQ. Here are our veggie friendly options that’ll blow ‘yo mind…

1. Skewers

Super simple but SRSLY tasty – grab your fave veggies (we’re thinking courgettes, pepper, tomatoes, onions) and season with salt, pepper and a ‘bit of paprika before giving ’em a roast.

2. Grilled Halloumi And Roasted Pepper Burger

This burger is ultra filling and totes delish- just serve with some homemade garlic sauce (mix mayo with finely cut garlic cloves) for a serious flavour kick. Mushrooms work fab with this too!

3. Veggie Hot Dogs

Linda Mccartney have such a wide range of vegetarian sausages – and they’re incred. Simply cook, add to a hotdog bun, sprinkle with cheese and top with fried onions. Mmm-hmmm.

4. Filled Jacket Potatoes

Jacket potatoes can be cooked easily on a BBQ and you can add as many fillings as you’d like: we’d recommend either tomatoes, feta and basil or humus and sundried tomatoes for an ultra scrummy snack.

5. Spicy Bean Burger

You can literally buy these from anywhere- add a bit of avocado and serve with quinoa or mexican rice for a dreamy combo.


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