1. Oversharing

They share every competition ever in a bid to win a holiday to the Maldives. You ain’t gonna win mum, nobody is. So PLEASE stop sharing it 7 times a day.


2. #1 Fan

When the only comment your latest selfie gets is from your Mum… *tumbleweed*


3. #Blessed

If your Mum is one for commenting soppy things on your posts or worse, on your friend’s posts, then you’ll know the embarrassment all too well. You couldn’t just say ‘have fun’ could you Mum, you just HAD to comment about how ‘blessed’, ‘kind’ and ‘wonderful’ I am.


4. Live, Love, Laugh

She feels the need to share emotional quotes, declaring her love for you, your siblings, father, Grandmother, friends, even your dog… Literally ANYONE she can find a quote about! Cringe!


5. Exposed

Anyone ever had their Mum tag them in something embarrassing for the whole world to see? Like an embarrassing beauty recommendation? Or a cure for your rare foot disease? Nope? Just me…


6. Thumbs Up

They like EVERY single thing you’re tagged in. No matter who tags you.


7. What’s Yours Is Mine

They added ALL of your friends. Literally. ALL of them.


8. Pout It Out

Ok so I think this one’s the cringiest yet. They post selfies. Or worse, they attempt to pout! Just stop…


9. Cute…NOT!

For some unknown reason, mums seem to relish in posting embarrassing pics of you, which they insist are super cute. They’re not.


10. #CoolMum

They try and use emojis, hashtags and slang to be cool but somehow manage to make the crying laughing Emoji look uncool. Well done mum. Well done.


11. Not So Humble Brag

There’s nothing worse than your mum bragging about you. Oh wait, there is! When she does it on Facebook. Her documenting your every achievement, with gushing ‘so proud’ comments, somehow makes it all the less impressive, just chill please mum. Cringe.


12. Call Me Maybe

When they comment on your latest pic asking you to ring them or saying they love you? Thanks mum? That was so relevant and absolutely necessary…


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