Christmas is over. And if Jan wasn’t blue enough, it’s about to get bluer. Alcohol has been banished. Will we fail? Will we succeed and swerve the spiced rums? Whichever way this challenge goes, here are the stages you’ll most likely be dragged through.


1. Jan 1st

Give up happy hour? Sure. I’m stronger than this. Bye bye pornstar martinis and hello way more money in my account. For other things. Other non drinking things…


2. Hitting The Bar On Your First Fizz-Free Night

“Want a drink?”


3. So You Gotta Be All Like

Momma didn’t raise no fool.


4. When You Friends Try To Get You To Break

And it’s day five of forever.



5. Your First Weekend Waking Up Hangover Free

And your friends can’t leave their beds. U OK HUNS?


6. So Now You Can Actually Do Things On Your Weekend

The downward dog in yoga. See some art in a gallery. Climb Everest (OK too far).


7. Becoming Suspicious Of Every Drink Offered

Even though you really want a white wine RN.



8. When You Get Given A Soft Drink

Coke? Where’s the rum?


9. “But Think Of All The Money You’re Saving”



10. When You Feel Like It Must Almost Be Over

But it’s actually just been three days.



11. When You Accidentally Crack Before The End Of The Month

Ain’t my fault…


12. And That Judgey Friend Comes Out With This On Feb 1st

Define telling a “lie”



GIF source: Giphy