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Throughout ten hilarious seasons, Rachel Green has totally understood us. From the girl who left her fiancé at the alter to getting off the plane just in time, we’ve been through highs and lows with Rachel and she will always be a little part of each and every one of us.


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1. The ‘Rachel’ haircut alone is enough reasons to love her 

It was the ultimate hair inspo back in the day.


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2. She stood her ground

No matter how many times Ross said ‘we were on our break’ she refused to give in.


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3. She’s the best mother to Emma

C’mon she even rapped ‘Baby Got Back’ to her.


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4. She understands the need for a lil’ liquid courage

Yup, like that time she got married to Ross while drunk in Vegas.


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5. She wasn’t afraid to make a fool of herself

Seriously, wearing your high school cheerleading outfit to impress a guy? She had some balls.


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6. She was a hell of a cook

We didn’t see it often but who can forget the infamous Thanksgiving trifle. ‘I mean, what’s not to like? Custard, good. Jam, good. Meat, GOOOD!’



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7. She worked hard for her goals

Who would have thought a girl who didn’t have any work experience and just happened to like fashion would end up working for some of the biggest fashion stores and designers? Well, that’s exactly what happened for Rachel.


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8. She knew that shopping fixed everything

A girl after our own heart.



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9. She was the ultimate friend

Who doesn’t want a BFF like Rachel Green?!


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10. She got off the plane

You cried. You definitely cried. We all cried. Top reason why we love Rachel Green by an absolute mile; she got off the plane


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