With a gorgeous family, killer ‘drobe, and a golden mane that puts the prettiest of Labradoodles to shame, she’s a total babe. The Gossip Girl alumni has been serious inspo for galdem everywhere so here’s all the times we wanted to be a bit more like Blake…

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1. Her entire reign as NY princess Serena Van Der Woodson. Style goals for days


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2. When she got to kiss some of the hottest members of the GG cast


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3. Every time her hair looked like this


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  4. When she opened her short-lived life style website Preserve, and became the ultimate blogger


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5. That time she dated Leonardo DiCaprio


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6. That other time she casually married Ryan Reynolds and they had beautiful babies


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7. When she pulled of the greatest fish tail plait of all time


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8. When she wore this dress to the 2014 Met Gala (my favourite celebrity dress of ALL TIME!!!)


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9. And she looked this cool in her school uniform


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10. And just every day that she exists. Keep on slaying boo

Giph Source: GIPHY