If – like, me, you were born late, then I’m pretty sure we were set up for a fall. We were pretty destined to be forever late, amiright?

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1. I’m just setting off now…

You frantically type as you begin your hour long make up routine, or worse, hop in the shower.


2. I’ve got loaaads of time…

Convincing yourself you have plenty of time. Way, WAY more than you actually do…


3. Denial, Denial, Denial

No matter how many times someone tries to warn you that you’re gonna be late, you dismiss it. I mean of course you’re not, you have plenty of time…right? WRONG.


4. Snooze Fest

You hit every single snooze and lay in bed until the very last minute. Literally.

5. Speedy Gonzalez

You’ve mastered the art of getting completely ready in 3 minutes flat. Almost.


6. Fashionably Late

You save your outfit experimentation sessions for those special times when you’re already running a solid 30 minutes late.


7. Do I REALLY need this job?

You lay in bed contemplating whether or not you actually really need your job/money/a career…

8. Fresh out of excuses

You know it’s bad when you start struggling for excuses. Traffic isn’t a valid excuse anymore, there’s only so many times you can sleep through your alarm, actual emergencies are kinda hard to lie about… But what else can you say? Sorry I’m late, I didn’t really want to come…

9. Panic Over

You no longer even panic about being late, it’s just the norm to you. In fact you embrace it. You are late. Late is you.


10. Tactical Time Tricks

Your friends have become so accustomed to your lateness that they’ve started telling you a 30-minute earlier time, to avoid your consistently late arrivals. They just don’t get that you’ll be late regardless, do they?