You’re finally starting to get your sh*t together and feel more like an adult – but you just can’t help but want a bit more direction in yo’ life. Set a bit of time aside to figure out exactly where you wanna be and get ready to achieve them goals like the ultimate #bossgirl you are…

1.       Make lists.

Grab a cute notebook and jot down some short term and long term goals. It’s SRSLY important that you make them achievable but still keep it realistic. Don’t be afraid to aim high though gals – you’ve got this!

2.       Ask yourself what really drives you.

What’s your passion? What could you do everry’ single day that wouldn’t bore you? If it ain’t one specific thing, make a word cloud – eventually you’ll see a pattern in your hobbies and interests and something you might not have thought of will come to you.

3.       Stay Motivated!

Don’t sweat it if you have a few ‘lil knockbacks – hitting a brick wall or a wrong turn is just life’s way of saying “not yet.” Just keep focused on that end goal and it will all come together. Motivation + determination = you’re ready to rule the world!

4.       Get inspired.

Whether it’s from reading an article or scrolling through insta – a bit of ‘inspo can go a long way. It might be that you’re looking at doing a specific job, setting up a business or you just want to achieve something new. Keep up to date with some ultimate boss chicks and see how they slayed it to the top!

5.       Ask for help.

I get it, you’re a sassy independent 20-something who thinks you can do this all alone – but every gal needs a bitta’ help now and again. And think about it: you’d be super flattered if someone asked you for some advice, amiright?