We have just discovered Puffie the Chow Chow and our hearts cannot cope with the cuteness RN. This adorable little ball of fluff is fast becoming insta-famous with his own  account, @puffie_the_chow – and if you aren’t already following it, you need to be ASAP…

The fluffy teddy bear lookalike was born in February in China and flown all the way to Malaysia as a birthday gift for his proud owners, @cherriepie and @arhka. These are two people we are SRSLY jealous of right now. We challenge you to look at these pics and not fall head over heels for Puffie…

His bed is even matching him on the cute factor right now

Puffie hits the road! He can come on a trip with us ANY day.

Who? Me?


We cannot deal. Go and see more adorable snaps at @puffie_the_chow

Image Credit: Instagram