Festival season is well and truly upon us. Whilst you mentally compile your most OTT outfits together and wonder how many baby wipes you’ll need to pack, we’re here to get you prepped on what’s in store for you this summer with the 10 things that always happen at every festival.

1. You will come up with the most creative means possible of carrying your things in.

You’re a genius.

2. Someone in your group always go too hard on the pre-drinks in the queue to get in.

And ends up out of action for the rest of the night. Standard.

3. You’ll probably have no recollection of seeing most of the performers you were totally stoked to see.

But you’ll enjoy it anyway.

4. Someone always drops something down the abyss in the portaloos.

And has to do the unspeakable…

5. Every day you’ll wake up hungover and wonder how you’re going to do it all again.

The struggle is oh so real.

6. You’ll become totally comfortable with no showering for days.

There’s always baby wipes right?

7. You will dress as extra as possible.

Practicality is not priority here.

8. You will spend $20 on a single slice of pizza.

It will be worth it.

9. You will wake up after having passed out outside.

With no idea how you got there. Or where your friends are. Or your bag…

10. You’ll swear you’ll never drink again.

OK hun. Heard that one before.

GIF source: Giphy