Always be yourself. Unless you can be a unicorn, then always be a unicorn. And now you can. Thanks to the guys at The Unicorn Cafe in Bangkok, Thailand. The walk in only eatery, open Mon-Fri is every unicorn lover’s dream. Think OTT and even that’s not enough.

The mystical creature is in every corner, covered on the ceiling and has a part to play in EVERYTHING on the menu. Think all the pastels, rainbows and sparkly things every gal could want. You can order everything from frappes to waffles, pancakes, dreamy ice creams and colour poppin cotton candy.

If sweet things aren’t your thang, there’s plenty of savoury snacks on offer to get you queuing outside. Think sassy shades of spaghetti and a burger with a horn, obvs. And if that wasn’t enough, if you’re feeling underdressed for your magical AF visit, they’ve got yo’ back, because they’ll let you borrow a onesie to rock during your visit. Who’s with me? See you at the airport…