They say that friends are the family you choose for yourself. At university however, the likelihood is that your friends are the ones you’ve been forced into communal living with. Whether you met them in halls, the lecture rooms or in ‘Spoons toilets, your uni mates are basically mates fo’ life…

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1. They’ve seen 50 shades of all of you

 The good, the bad and the ugly, your uni pals have seen you post break ups, suffering from nervy b’s when deadlines are looming and with your head in a toilet. For better or worse, they’ve always been there to pick you straight back up, those little angels.

2. They’re always thinking about you

 Whether they’re encouraging you to sin and drink instead of study, or they bring you a cuppa in the morning, your mates will always want you to be a part of the adventure.

3. Communal living = character building

 It’s pretty difficult not to be mates with someone forever when you’ve both experienced the same house share. Whether you’re on the phone to an energy company for a week, or you’ve survived a nightmare house mate together, you’ll look back on those times and laugh about the ridiculousness. Promise.

4. They’ve supported you through the break ups

 Mainly with tequila shots. But you know, that’s the best kind of medicine to cure the break up blues. Who’s round is it next?

5. You’ve watched each other grow

 Even as graduation looms for everyone, those three years spent together equate to three years of love, laughter and watching your favourites fulfil their dreams. Even if everyone’s dreams take them to all corners of the world, you guys will always be tight.