As told by The Fresh Prince of Bel Air… 

By Niki Igbaroola 

Stages Of Driving Home For Christmas

1. The Excitement

At this point, getting in the car is the only confirmation you need to know that CHRISTMAS IS HERE. You’re full of cheer, ready to be embraced by the smells of home, especially the food. Sleeping in your childhood bed seems like bliss especially because odds are the heating will actually work its way into your room and sleep will not be a shiver-shuffle. So you hop in the car, bags packed rearing to already be there.

Stages Of Driving Home For Christmas

2. The Determination

The drive may be long but thinking of the food spread at Christmas keeps you focused. Doesn’t matter what family member’s house you spend the big day at, the turkey is always super and the stuffing plenty. Plus the alcohol is definitely going to be WAY better than whatever it is your student budget has had you drinking especially closer to term end when funds and morale are WAAAAY low.

Stages Of Driving Home For Christmas

3. The Exasperation

You’ve hit the heavy traffic flow of other home bound Christmas commuters. Now you chastise yourself for not leaving at the crack of dawn like you promised. That night out yesterday stops seeming like such a good idea and the road trip snacks combined with the cabin fever are making you feel a bit nauseous.

Stages Of Driving Home For Christmas

4. The Panic

You spot the offending tattoo/piercing you promised yourself you’d cover up before leaving for home. Sweating that contradicts the freezing temperature. Your inner yogi rears its head as you try to remember how to breathe rationally. Your mind runs wild with the best ways to ensure you keep your new body adornment secret – particular poses, specially placed outfits….you start praying to God for contortionist skills you’ve never taken the time to learn; after all it’s Christmas time and miracles happen right?

Stages Of Driving Home For Christmas

5. The Acceptance

Getting to the food and the good heating means facing the firing squad. You’ve thought it through and a lecture from every adult you come in contact with about your choices is worth it. CHRISTMAS DINNER IS WORTH ANYTHING! Plus you’ve looked in that rear view mirror and given yourself one heck of a pep talk: YOU ARE A GROWN ADULT…sort of, kind of…

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