PD fans, stay calm. Because a reunion tour could be on the cards and we can’t deal. 1/6 of the pop group phenomenon, Kimberly Wyatt has hinted at the idea the gals are coming back.


Kim, speaking to Shelter’s Vertical Rush event at Tower 42 and The Sun revealed that “everybody’s on board” which will be eight years since the band were last together. “We’ve been talking but everybody has their own lives and own agendas and things. Most of everybody’s on board. There’s still a few steps to be taken to make it happen.” “We are all just in a place in our lives where we’ve been off on our own adventures and now we’d like to get on stage and have fun.”



“It could be a tour, it could be a TV show, it could be new music, it could be a lot of things. It could be big work shops. Everything and anything that would help spread the message and help make a difference. A real difference to women and boys.”


We’ll watch this space…