Want a latte that’s a lil’ bit extra? Well now you can. Because the guys at Coffee By Di Bella have created glitter coffee. Yes, glitter in your coffee. And it’s not as gross as it sounds.


You can choose between the chain’s ‘Diamond Cappuccino’ or ‘Gold Cappuccino’ which are made like a regular coffee but with edible glitter whisked into the process before a final sprinkle of it on top. Sadly these beaut designs would mean a trip to Mumbai but at less than £3 for a coffee, we might just be tempted to book a ticket.



The company’s director explained the reason behind the glitter creation: “We understand the importance of social media and make sure our products are Insta-friendly.”

If if you wanna see the magic in action, you can – as the glitter gods there have shared this Insta video: