Every gal wants them all important on-fleek ‘brows – but perfection comes at a price. Here are the thoughts we all have when taming our eyebrows…

 eyebrows eyebrows on fleek on fleek the princess diaries GIF

1.SRSLY why do I always leave them for so long… they’re like bushes!

2. Okay, breathe, it doesn’t hurt that bad… *silently screams*

3. I’m not crying – I promise, I’ve just got something in my eye

4. Just a few more strays to go… and the monobrow that’s decided to sprout from nowhere is gone

5. Okay so I’ll just trim a little off, I won’t go too far like last time…

6. Okay went too far again, I can cover this up though, where’s the pencil at?

7. FML why can’t I look like those Instagrammers that create such perfect arches?

8. They look great… a little wonky but they only took 2 hours this time! (Hurray)

GIF source: Giphy