Ah, break ups. The price we pay for trying to find someone to annoy for all eternity. Ending a relationship with your S.O is pretty tough. Relationships are a rite of passage for every twenty-something, so if you’re currently experiencing the break up blues, then have no fear, we got you boo. Here’s what you can expect…

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Stage 1 – A Rainbow of Emotions

 The beginning of the break up period is always the worst, as it’s scattered with a whole spectrum of emotions. From anxiety, insecurity and sadness, these feelings are completely normal, and allowing yourself to experience these feelings will help with the healing process. Hang in there girl!


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Stage 2 – The Dawning

 As the weeks and tubs of ice cream go by, you start to realise how much better you are without your ex. Following a deleting spree on social media, you start to feel like your sassy self again, you total babe. Cue the girls night!


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Stage 3 – The Glow Up

 Probably the best part of post break up life, your girls rally around you and make sure you look bomb AF for a well deserved night out. Even if there’s a few tears shed, it’s nothing that some laughter, dancing and tequila shots can’t fix. Splendid.


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Stage 4 – Single and Ready To Mingle

  Cue downloading Tinder and window shopping all of the available eye candy. Even if you don’t end up pulling, it’s time to let your hair down and have some fun girl!


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Stage 5 – You Are a Strong Independent Women

 After completing the previous stages, you’re well on your way to feeling you’re best again. Relationships are great not only for life experience but more importantly – self growth. There may be a few more break ups before you find your Prince Charming, but no one found their BAE without kissing a few frogs. Until then, slay away!

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