There’s no denying it: life is tough. One minute you’re being pampered at home by the ‘rents, the next you’re out in the big bad world, complaining about taxes and realising that Haribo Starmix have absolutely no health benefits. If you’re keen to return to the days when you had zero responsibilities, we’ve got just the thing. DesignMyNight has created a list of the best ways to act like a big kid in London, and it’ll have you jumping into giant ball pits and playing endless games of Mario Kart like your adult life never happened.


1. Ballie Ballerson

If you do one thing in London, for the love of all the kidults out there, let it be Ballie Ballerson. This adult playground is home to no less than one million balls, spread across three different balls pits. Let your inner child run riot and refuel your sugar levels at their bar, where sweet-inspired cocktails are the best thing on the menu.


2. Simmons

Plastered with retro wallpaper and dotted with kooky ornaments, you’ll struggle to find another place like Simmons. What makes this place so darn special though is their games station. You can play endless games of Mario Kart all night, without having to listen to your mum relentlessly yell ‘it’s bedtime’. They have a neat cocktail list too, with everything from teapot cocktails to a sherbet fizz mix that comes garnished with flying saucers.


3. Four Quarters East

Arcade games were a right of passage growing up and luckily for you, you can relive your glory days as a kid at Four Quarters East. This unique watering hole in London has everything from Space Invaders and vintage Pacman to classic Nintendo and Sony consoles. If that doesn’t do it for you – their cheap and cheerful cocktail list will. You can get two cocktails, like the slush puppy and the gin-derella, for £10.


4. Aeronaut

Were you even a kid if you didn’t go to the circus? Aeronaut is a must visit pub with a killer selection of circus, comedy and cabaret shows every weekend that you can get into for just £15. Let your imagination run wild as you witness death-defying acts; we’re talking dancing on broken glass, noses being hammered with steel nails and hot as hell performances from fire breathers. So, if you never got to experience the magic of the circus rolling into town as a child, now’s the time to right your wrong.


5. The Four Thieves

Remember those Scalextric toy cars that your cousin never let you play with? Get your own back this year and take them to The Four Thieves. This one of a kind venue has a gigantic games room upstairs with everything from crazy golf and arcade games to a huge Scalextric toy car rally, where you can sit beside your competitor as you battle it out for that finishing line glory.

6. School House

Whether or not you loved education as a kid, you should pay The Schoolhouse in Battersea a visit. Kitted out like a real school with book-lined wallpaper and ‘lab coats must be worn at all times’ stickers, you’ll get a surprising welcome at this nostalgia-stirring spot. Nothing like the rundown canteens you were used to, you’ll be tucking into the likes of the headmaster’s breakfast, washing everything down with A+ science-themed cocktails.


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By Leighanne Bent