5 Reasons You Should Be Feeling Feb

Not got the new month vibes? Stop what you’re doing and scroll. Because we’ve got all the reasons why you should be feeling Feb… 

1. Fashion Week 

Kicking off with New York on the 9th Feb, Fashion Week is always one to watch, whether you’re there or not. From the street style to the catwalk collections – you can get involved with live streams whilst you’re buried under that duvet – winning. 

2. VDay 

Love or loathe it, it’s coming. Whether you’re spending it with your S.O. or your squad, it’s a day filled with chocolate, flowers and a dinner – yep, we’re on board… 

3. Spring is that bit closer

Okay, so the dark nights haven’t left us yet, but they’re slowly going. The countdown’s on and we’re mentally switching our polo necks for our short sleeved tees. Days without a coat? DREAMY.

4. It’s award season 

From the BAFTAs to The Grammys and the one and only Oscars, it’s award season people so get prepped. Head to the cinema and pop these dates in your diary – if only to get all of the OOTD envy from the red carpet. 

5. PayYAY

Okay, clutching at straws here but Feb is a shorter month which means one  thing at least – the next payday is on its way. And if that’s not good news, I don’t know what is… 

Image credit: Unsplash