What boohoo HQ's Thankful For

Thanksgiving is hereeeeee! And whilst it’s an American Tradition, it’s something we can all take on board. After all, we’ve ALL got something to be thankful for. So 5 guys from boohoo HQ share just what… 


“I’m thankful for a tight squad of girls who always have my back”


“I’m thankful for just being happy. A lot of people place value on the big house, fancy car and going on holiday. Don’t get me wrong, I love a holiday but it’s about being thankful for the little things like a beautiful sunset, laughing ’til your stomach hurts, a roof over your head and good people surrounding you on the daily making you realise how wonderful life is”


“I’m thankful for music. I don’t get go a day without listening to it. Gangster rap helps me feel at my sassiest on the daily”


“I’m thankful for having such amazing friends and family who are always there when I need them!”


“I’m thankful for my amazing colleagues that I get to work with every single day”

Image credit: unsplash