By Kammy Karginaite  

Things I've Lost and Found

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I’ve lost fitness fads

“New year, new me”, is the most common New Year’s resolution. Like most people I want to lose the holiday weight, not only that I want to be healthier, fitter self. Therefore, I dumped my silly fitness regimes, like working out at the gym for 2 hours on an empty stomach, which is unhealthy for your body and mind, and found yoga. This has been an amazing revolution. It tones your body and at the same time lets your mind rest. I can honestly say that doing yoga every day for 20 minutes is already changing my life, so why not change yours? Namaste.

I’ve lost unnecessary beauty regimes 

To retain my New Year’s resolution to be healthier and fitter, meant that my beauty regime needed to change. I binned all my fake tan products, (that was very tough, as a girl always wants to have that sun kissed glow). Nevertheless, I thought it’s time that I look after my skin. Fake tan doesn’t let your skin breathe, makes it dry and increases aging. I found that using more natural products and less make-up has definitely made a difference to my skin. I have less spots, my skin seems so much smoother and has started glowing by itself.

I’ve found spending more time in the kitchen 

To become healthier this year also means we all need to invest our time to cook healthy and delicious meals at home. Abs are made 80% in the kitchen and 20% at the gym. I found that reading about how your body works can help you focus on your goals, as well as understand them more clearly.

I’ve lost losing myself in social media 

I left behind sitting in bed in the evening reading pointless stuff on Facebook and switched to reading insightful books. There is just nothing better than sitting in bed in your PJs, reading a good book and having a cup of green tea.