by Clare Evans

The Stages Of The Squad Selfie

It’s one of – if not THE most important – part of any night out, and you gotta get it right. Taking that perfect squad selfie is practically a work of art and if you’ve ever tried to master it, you’ll have been through (at least) one of these stages…

1. You’ve gathered everyone together, found the perfect lighting and background. Now it’s the game of Tetris to make sure you’ve got the whole squad there and get everyone in the frame. Not as easy as it sounds.

2. Ah the selfie side. Everyone’s got one and if you’re lucky you’ll have a BFF who’s side is opposite so you can werk those poses. If not…good luck!

3. The designated selfie-taker (usually the one on the end or the one with the longest arms) will shout give the countdown and right on cue everyone tilts their head and pulls their selfie face.

4. That is until the first review when you realise that you’ve a) cut someone’s head off or b) missed someone out altogether. Time for a reshuffle. If things really aren’t going to plan, you may even take the bold decision to swap selfie takers.

5. Now it’s time to take a few snaps. You’ll do the smiley selfie, silly selfie and sassy selfie. You’ll switch poses like a pro and with so many to choose from, you’re bound to find one for the ‘gram.

6. After a few attempts – including the flash vs. no flash (always no flash!) – it’s time for the final review. Chances are, at least ONE person is gonna hate it and you’ll have to start all over again.

7. You finally find a squad approved selfie and then it’s time to send to the group WhatsApp. Everyone wants a copy. #sorrynotsorry for the ‘gram spam that is about to occur!

8. Filter applied, caption perfected, it’s time to post that squad selfie and watch the likes come rolling in. Yasss gals, you got it nailed!