This city, this festival, these people, all together an experience one will have trouble forgetting! This happened to be my seventh consecutive year attending the Lollapalooza festival and I can easily say I would take it on again next year. Each year is a different experience and the artists that attend are always outstanding. Flume, Major Lazer, and Marshmallow happened to be my favorites this year. Seeing Major Lazer live gave me a whole new respect for them; not-to-mention, getting a glimpse of the President’s daughter in the crowd! I also ran into a few of my outstanding followers and could not have asked for a better time! When it comes to festivals I feel that each one has their own personality… 

The effortlessness that is Lollapalooza blends so seamlessly with the on-point trends that Boohoo comes out with. Being able to sport such an up-to-date brand at this upbeat scene not only got me noticed, but made me feel more apart of the experience as well. 

Taylor Dini @ Lollapalooza

Some easy tips when deciding what to wear to a festival are as follows:

1.    Simple Bases

At first glance the looks I put together are seemingly complex, but when they are broken down piece by piece we see that the basis of each outfit is fairly simple. A pair of jean shorts, a high-waisted swimsuit, a two piece set…all are comfortable, easy, and ready to be accessorized.

2.    Statement Pieces

Another thing we may be able to pull, from the looks I put together, is one or two items that stand out above the rest. These are called statement pieces and they essentially give your outfit the personality it needs. For example, my all white look had a flowing crochet maxi skirt as the statement piece. My navy two-piece had the statement emphasis on the American flag bomber. My personal favorite was the final day, a flowy, bright-colored, coordinate set.

Taylor Dini @ Lollapalooza
Taylor Dini @ Lollapalooza

3.    An Overabundance of Accessories

The last tip I have for festival fashion is to never fear accessorizing. I know on a day-to-day basis we fear of overdoing in the accessory department. A place like Lolla is a place wear too much is never enough! My absolute must have accessories this season were chokers and body wraps. 

Taylor Dini @ Lollapalooza
Taylor Dini @ Lollapalooza

Festival Beauty Tips:

Festivals typically arise in the warmer months so the heat is definitely something to take into consideration. In the city of Chicago, one must also take into account the fact that it rains almost everyday and humidity is at an all time HIGH. Each day my hair typically started down and then as soon as I snapped a few pics, and the rain took play, I would throw my hair back in a slicked back bun, a low/tight ponytail, or a couple of braids. These hairstyles take a few minutes and they don’t require a mirror. They also keep your hair from being too greatly affected by the humid air as they are fairly tight to the base of your head. In terms of makeup, some people thrive in going all out with glitter, bold liners, and bold lips. Personally, I prefer to go for a more natural look at festivals.

Taylor Dini @ Lollapalooza

Festival Beauty Essentials

1.    A matte primer

2.    Brown eyeliner (works great for eyes, lips, and eyebrows)

3.    Setting spray 

 These items keep the oil under control, your skin glowing, and they are super easy to throw in your bag just-in-case you need a little touch up!

Bonus Tip: If you plan on attending a festival, concert, or any event, be sure to travel with a bag that has a closure or secret pocket for your phone and/or wallet. The pick-pocketers at these things are crazy!

xx Taylor