It’s the season to be uncuffed and with so much to look forward to as a single lady, your summer adventures are just beginning. Instead of dreading ‘the wedding of the year’ knowing you’ll be the only one there riding solo just think about that hot bar man who’ll be giving you free cocktails all night…



1. Barbecues For Days

Burger or hot dog, it’s a difficult decision… With no one looking over your shoulder, you can graze on carbs aaalll day long and get ketchup down your chin too, just coz.


2. Beer Garden Saturdays

Suns out- Huns out. No need to worry about how you’re going to fit both the bae and the bestie in over the weekend. Saturday is gal’s day and if I want to take three hours to get ready, I will!


3. Festival Season

You’re hitting up a super music fest, body paint ready and it’s perfectly acceptable to swap saliva with as many inappropriate cute boys as you like whilst waving your glow-stick in the air like you just don’t care.


4. Bikini Shopping

The girly holiday is booked, the gym regime smashed and your freckles have made an appearance. Time to rock that velvet bikini and feel damn good about yourself, as a fierce, independent woman, flaws and all, life’s a beach.


5. Party ‘Till The Sun Comes Up

Time flies when you’re having fun. And with no one to answer to about where you’ve been until this ungodly hour you can relish in your drunken stupor, until as late as you fancy. Just don’t get snapchat happy or lose your keys!


6. Sofa Sundays

Star-fishing in the bed, no arguing over which take out to order in, binging on trash TV (with no sports in sight), and a whole day to cuddle the cat all whilst wearing your best Bridget pants, in last night’s make-up. Zero f***s given!


Image credit: Unsplash