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As the world embraces some level of normality again, we’re left wondering how we’re supposed to step out of loungewear and back in to every day clothes. We’ve got you covered with how to wear activewear, everywhere.

Whether you’re an avid gym goer or a full time gym avoider, you can still turn your activewear into everyday wear. What’s comfier than yoga pants? We’ll wait.

Athleisure is the new everyday wear girl, combining athletic clothing and leisurely activities. It’s a need-to-know fashion trend and we’re here to make sure you don’t get left behind. 

How to wear activewear?

1. Workout clothes for lounging

Workout clothes are by no means limited to when you work out. Whether you’re taking part in a decathlon or that all important TV series marathon, leggings and a sports bra won’t steer you wrong.

Throw on your favourite wokrout leggings, the matching sports bra and an oversized tee for major loungewear vibes. Comfort is key and we couldn’t think of a better ‘fit.

2. Day to day activewear

Heading out with friends for a brunch date or just taking a stroll through the park? Grab your most flattering jeans and a seamless gym crop top, coming with extra support for bra-less days and enhancing your curves in all the right places. Add a cropped denim jacket for chillier days or swap out your jeans for a frill hem mini skirt as we welcome the sunshine back.

Pair seamless leggings with an oversized hoodie, some fresh white socks over the top of your much-loved sneakers and a cute mini backpack for a shopping trip with the girls. Whether you choose neutral hues or bright neons, this look is a whole vibe.

sage crop top and leggings

3. Workout clothes for work

Who’d have thought it? You’re considering your favourite workout leggings for a day in the office. Grab a high neck top, paired with a chunky chain and an oversized blazer with one button done, perfect for a long day of important meetings.

Heading to work on a colder day? A neutral toned hoodie will sit perfectly underneath your blazer, keeping you warm and so on trend. Don’t forget to grab your high shine reflective jacket for late night walks home from work – stay safe and stylish.

black workout jacket

4. Athletic wear for the evening

Now hear us out, women’s activewear for going ‘out out’?

Grab a pair of high shine workout leggings for extra room to dance all night long, paired with a black bralette and some open toe heels for a night on the town with the girls. Why not throw on a reflective gym crop top with some high waisted jeans? Perfect for an evening bar hopping with bae. Swap heels for heeled boots as you take your look from bar to bistro and throw on a neutral shacket to bring the look to life.

high shine sports jackets

5. Fitness clothes for festival fits

Heading to a festival this summer? Give workout sets a new meaning with a pair of biker shorts and a matching long sleeve crop top – paired with some chunky boots or platform sneakers for major festival vibes. Don’t forget to accessorize, adding statement jewelry and an eyelet belt to stand out from the crowd. Turn the heat up with some fishnet tights if you’re feeling bold this season. Finding festival outfits has never been so easy.

We know our boohoo babes love to see new styles so we’ve worked hard to create the best workout clothes for you this season. Clothes made for the gym, or anywhere really.

Grab yourself a matching set, some biker shorts and a reflective jacket and get to work. Accessorizing your activewear is everything this season.

When it comes to how to wear activewear the possibilities are endless… so, what are you waiting for?

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