Whether you’re partaking in the love fest or going all girl power with your single ladies this V-tine’s, there’s no better way to celebrate than with movie night. Grab the popcorn and check out our fave films to get you Vday ready!


The Notebook

The ultimate #CoupleGoals, how could we not include The Notebook in our Vday movie guide. And while bae might take some convincing before settling down to this serious romance, a dreamy Ryan Gosling makes all the effort worth it.


500 Days of Summer

A fave of ours all year around but especially in the lead up to Valentine’s, this hilarious rom com gets us heading straight to the IKEA showrooms for some silly role play with our other halves.




Perfect for guys and gals seeking some not-so-subtle advice for getting hitched, this comedy is the perfect mix of love and laughter. And with comic duo, Will Smith and Kevin James, your beau will be in stitches!


50 Shades of Grey

A little steamy, and perhaps not one to watch with the ‘rents, get your Jamie Dornan fix this Vday with 50 Shades of Grey.

Whether you’re tuning into part 1, 2 or heading to the big screen for the latest in the trio, 50 Shades is sure to add a little heat to your Valentine’s.



When Harry Met Sally

This romantic classic sees college grads Harry and Sally feud over whether men and women can ever just be friends, as they share a car ride from Chicago to the big apple. But when they reunite ten years later, can they stay friends without sex becoming a thing?