Can You Play It Too Cool?

There’s two types of people in this world. Wait, scratch that. That’s a lie. There’s actually hundreds and thousands of different people living right here, right now, but for the sake of this post, there’s two okay? Play along with me here… 

Just last weekend my friend woke up with ‘the fear’ and no I’m not talking a generic breed of fear but technological fear. Why? Because she’d bluntly told the guy she liked that she liked him. ‘Wow’ you’re probably thinking right? But it takes a whole lotta bravery to put yourself out there with a chance of rejection looming. To let down your walls and to show vulnerability to someone else.

I’m kinda like the Chuck Bass of the world. It’ll take me two seasons in before I realise ‘crap, yeah, these feelings aren’t going anywhere’ and even until the last episode ever before I do something about it. Luckily for Bass it wasn’t too late for his happy ending but we don’t all have his luck and this is real life baby. Playing it cool may defend you and your heart, your feelings and your pride, but in the long run where does it get you?

When I was 16 I remember one Valentine’s card I got in school. My ‘admirer’ handed me the bold red envelope which he told me was from ‘someone else.’ I think he forgot we’d spent years sitting together enough for me to know his writing a mile off. Denial: it’s a funny thing.

Life’s both the shortest and longest thing you’ll ever do, and I think my friend shouldn’t fear anything at all, and it’s in fact the deniers of the wold (and yes I’m even pointing the emotional finger at me) that should be fearful. Life’s what you make of it. It’s also who you share it with. And why hide what you’re feeling? Why hide potential partnerships, flings and attractions?

Sure it can go a few ways. He may feel the same – if so, winning. If not, don’t feel disheartened. Falling for someone is flattering, and if they value you as a person, they won’t run a mile but be thankful you spared a part of your heart for them. Because at the end of the day, feelings are what make us human, spread love around like confetti, keep your heart open to all of the paths possible and never regret telling someone how you feel. Better to know where you stand than to always wonder ‘what if?’