By Arun Mohammed 

No matter which gym you’re heading to or what the purpose of going is, we all know we’re going to bump into one or all of these people… 

8 People You Find At The Gym

1. The Wannabe Olympic Athlete

Loud grunts, huge water containers, sponsored clothing, protein everything and going for it with 200% effort. The one you wish you had the motivation and strength to be, but the one you always try to avoid because you simply don’t care about their #GAINS. 

8 People You Find At The Gym

2. The Duo

The couple who works out together stays together right? These are the people creating #GOALS whilst being active and in love.

8 People You Find At The Gym

3. The New Year New Me Group

Everyone floods the gym in January like the water does your bathroom when you run the bath too long. PEOPLE EVERYWHERE!! Don’t fear though, rest assured they’ll all be gone again by February 1st at the latest.

8 People You Find At The Gym

4. The Super Fit Older Lady

A.K.A the lady putting you to shame. She may be 20 years older than you but she’s still hitting the gym harder. No sweat, no fuss, just calorie burning and that’s why they are practically the J-los of the gym.

8 People You Find At The Gym

5. The Hot Personal Trainer  

This is the guy who is simply just trying to earn a living and help people get fit, whilst look fit. He’ll grab your attention and be the main reason you’ll get up for a Saturday 7AM spin class. 

8 People You Find At The Gym

6. The Social Media Queen

We all know this girl. The one who has to update Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram AND Twitter before she can even think about filling up her water bottle. 

8 People You Find At The Gym

7. The Show Off

Once you’ve actually managed to dodge the masses, actually get on the machines and produce a droplet of sweat, FINALLY you will see this girl. I’m on about the one creating the awkward atmosphere as can’t help but watch her flaunting EVERYTHING from head-to-toe around the gym like it’s her private show. 

8 People You Find At The Gym

8. The Make-Up Lover 

Make-up is on point, outfit is on fleek and the selfie game is strong. Shame she doesn’t do any exercise.  

GIF source: Giphy