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 Meeting your SO’s parents for the first time is a task that would even make badass Katniss Evergreen quake in her combats. Here’s just some of the irrational thoughts you can expect during the encounter.

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1. Does this mean we’re in a ~serious~ relationship

 Most people don’t let just anyone meet their parents (unless accidentally of course). If you’ve been invited to their childhood home, they might just super be into you.


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2. What should I wear?

 This is usually my biggest dilemma for any occasion. Do you wear a sweater to cover your modesty, or dress to impress? Send help and a stylist ASAP.


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3. How do I behave?

 You can’t help but overthink the entire situation with a sprinkle of irrationality. Should I act like the perfect future housewife, or laugh like a hyena at the inevitable dad jokes. Where’s the instruction manual?


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4. Is his dad hot?

  It’s important to know if your boo is gonna be a certified DILF too.


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5. Should I also try asking questions?

  Or will the mum automatically assume I’m nosy and overbearing? Or if I don’t, will she think I’m rude? Do I compliment their home? Where’s the nearest exit pls.


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6. Do they like me?

 Hopefully, the entire ordeal has been worthwhile by getting approval from his famalam. Fingers crossed!


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7. Am I breathing?

 Probably not.


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