Got wanderlust? Us too. If you need persuading to pack your bags and book the flights, here’s exactly why everyone should give travelling a go…

1. The people you’ll meet

Whether it’s the friendly locals or fellow travellers, the people you meet along the way will be part of some of your fondest memories. You’ll make friends with people you wouldn’t usually come across in your every day life, learn the local secrets and the best places to go. Nothing can give you an insight into a place that you’re visiting like a local can.


2. It changes your perspective

After seeing new cultures and the daily lives of people across the world, you’re guaranteed to have a new perspective on life. Some places can feel like a different world compared to your home and you’ll learn things you’ve never even thought about.


3. Life will never be boring

From the every day adventures of travelling life to the challenges you’re certain to come across, life will never be boring. One day you’ll be watching the sunset at the top of a volcano, the next swimming with manta rays. Travelling can give you the much needed change from a mundane every day life.


4. You’ll expand your comfort zone

Nothing can make you step out of your comfort zone quite like travelling can. Visiting an unfamiliar place or trying to speak a new language will have you thinking that everything else is easy.


5. It opens your eyes

After travelling to new places, you’ll realise the world doesn’t revolve around you – shock – I know. But you may find yourself more concerned with global issues after experiencing and witnessing them first hand.


6. Because travel is one of the only things you can buy that will make you richer

Enough said.

Photo Credit: @chloe_bh