Okay, you might not have got accepted into Hogwarts, but that doesn’t mean you can’t drink like a wizard. DesignMyNight have rounded up five magical bars where you can order Harry Potter-themed cocktails, and they’re said to be worth every single sickle. Whether it’s pints of butterbeer or colour-changing potions garnished with candy floss, London’s got your back with these riddikulus concoctions.


1. London Cocktail Club

London Cocktail Club are known for being one of the best party bars in London. They have a let’s-get-up-and-dance-on-the-table playlist, a brilliant happy hour and some of the coolest cocktails around. But we’re here to tell you about their butterbeer concoction. Made with Stolichnaya Vanilla Vodka, a splash of Peroni, Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey, caramel syrup, honey, egg white and apple juice, make sure you leave your broomstick at home for this big night out.


2. Granary Square Brasserie

True HP fan? Make your way to Granary Square Brasserie. This snazzy spot has a special line-up of cocktails inspired by J.K Rowling’s wizarding world, but there’s one in particular that’s really caught our attention: Platform 9 ¾. This mix comes with a candy floss rim, and is conjured with gin, crème de bergamot and Yumchaa blue tea. But the real magic comes into play when you pour in a jug of citric acid, turning it from bright blue to baby pink.


3. The Booking Office Bar and Restaurant

It was Harry Potter’s 20th anniversary last year, and to celebrate The Booking Office Bar and Restaurant created a spell-binding cocktail menu. Inspired by the books, there’s a truckload of pretty potions to choose from. The Minty Toad For The Road has a peppermint liqueur base and comes served in a dark chocolate frog, The Elixir of Love is a sharing punch presented inside a cauldron, combining amaretto, Chambord, vodka and lemon juice, and there’s alcohol-free versions available too, if you’re laying off the booze.


4. The Potion Room

If you’re still hopeful of getting into Hogwarts, it might be in your best interests to enrol for The Potion Room. This afternoon tea experience is as magical as they come, requiring you to don a cloak and sit down in a classroom to learn a set number of spells. In between waving wands, you’ll be drinking Galaxy Juice and working your way through tiers of tasty treats, from rock cakes to dainty finger sandwiches.



Yes, GŎNG BAR is on the 32nd level of The Shard, and yes, it has incredible views of London, but it’s also got a fantastic cocktail menu. Taking inspiration from some of the best and most influential directors of our time, their Wingardium Leviosa libation is inspired by David Yates, who directed the last four Harry Potter films. The drink combines gin and tamarind tea with butter, finished with a generous pouring of pale ale. Siriusly Instagrammable, it comes served in a ceramic mug badged with a griffin alongside an edible magic stick.

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By Leighanne Bent