Despite endless memes of documented f*** boy episodes floating around social mediasphere, it seems even the smartest of galdem can’t avoid the occasional encounter. Don’t fret though – allow our experiences to guide you through the valley of the shadow of f*** boys, so we can all live in peace and tranquility…

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1. He proposes a first date over Snapchat at 3AM. The chosen destination? Your boudoir. Classy

2. He only communicates with you over social media apps. Sliding into your DMs is a real issue here people

3. He ghosts on your ass. A lot. Can someone set up a direct dial for Ghost Busters PLS? Asking for a friend

4. He asks you for nudes – and with these sub species, the only nude you should send is your Velvet Teddy lips kissing his ass goodbye

5. Or even worse – he sends you an unasked-for DP/fresh outta the shower pic *shudders*

6. Despite the warning signs, your phone never leaves your hand as your constantly checking for new messages. Has he replied yet?! More like has he grown up yet

7. When you’re with him, his phone never leaves his hand. Even when he’s sleeping. Who does that?!

8. If you even manage to get him outside in daylight hours, he’ll rarely acknowledge you to society, let alone as girlfriend status

9. He calls you the wrong name. Unsubscribe

10. Despite knowing the warning signs, you still chase his ass because you think you can change him. Spoiler alert, you can’t. No one can. So cut him out and wait for someone who deserves you boo

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