10 Stages Of Your Work Holiday Party

1. The Build Up

The invite lands in your inbox. The date is set for what is always the best night of being employed. So what if it’s weeks away? The excitement sets in, as does outfit planning. Do I dress to impress? Or try something new in a trouser suit? Hair up? Hair down? Statement lip? Or smokey eye? Thank god we’ve got time to think this all through… 

2. The Panic

So what we thought was “ages away” is actually next week and I’ve approximately no outfit options. Do I dig out one from the archive or just order half of the internet? Whispers are rapid around the office about what Clare from accounts is wearing. Mild panic sets in as Lauren and Rachel have ordered the same dress. This is more stress than the big day itself.

3. The Getting Ready

You’ve got your outfit down and the night is here – that’s the hard bit over right? Oh no, getting ready. We do this everyday but the big night makes it 10x harder. Does this colour clash with my dress? Will my curls hold? Probably not. Add in a few cheeky pre-drinks, four girls around one mirror and you’ve got chaos central. 

4. The Arrival

Hours and copious amounts of hairspray later, you’ve made it. Your make-up is on point, your hair is looking sassy and you feel like a million dollars. Savour the moment because it’s potentially all downhill from here. Group photos will most likely happen around about now where if you’re on the end of the gang you’ll literally be cut out come Instagram uploads – pick your spot wisely. 

5. The ‘I’m going to take it slow’ Moment

We all know how this goes, start with a diet coke – pace yourself…Yep…

6. The ‘Oh why the hell not?’ Moment (About an hour later)

There’s always one person who switches up the party atmosphere by initiating shots. Chances are you’ll get dragged into it, or maybe you ARE that person. Well, we all know how  this ends. 

7. The Dancing

There’s three types of dancers at your office party. The ones who take it too seriously, the ones who throw their hands in the air like they just don’t care, and the people who simply don’t dance. There may also be a girl busting out the splits or maybe you and your crew have a dance routine rehearsed. Whatever your do – there will be dancing. Ladies – bring back up flats, your feet will thank you for it later. 


8. The New Best Friends

Oh, hey person I’ve only made eye contact with once in the canteen queue but now we’re lifelong friends. Yep, this will inevitably happen, even more so in the ladies’ toilets where you’ll be complimenting each other’s outfits: “OMG Emma your hair looks beautiful, you’re such a great person – HOW have we not been friends before?!” Make the most of this friendship, as it may not survive past the weekend. 

9. The Drama

As with any situation involving alcohol, drama often follows. Whether it’s love triangles, friendship fights or general vodka infuelled dramatics, be wary of the work drama. 

10. The Fear 

Ah, the fear. However with colleagues involved this gets multiplied by a thousand. Did I really kiss David from Marketing? That photo on Facebook is not a great angle and ouch, where did I get that bruise from? Oh yes, falling over three times in front of my boss – we’ll blame ‘the floor.’  And that’s before the dreaded possessions panic. Where did I put my phone? Have I got my keys? Uh oh, what are these receipts for?! Did I really buy takeout for my whole team? And why do I have 4 missed calls and 12 Whatsapps from my ex? Ahhhh the drunken text messages reminiscing about the good old days, yep that’s one bridge burned!

All this before Monday morning, depending on if you can face the fear head on and make it into work…