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Wakey wakey rise ‘n shine! Only a few of us ladies are morning people – and if you happen to be an early bird, you’ll know all ’bout these…

1. You’re super productive

You’ll have your room cleaned, food prepped, face cleansed, polished and contoured AND perfected that winged liner all before 8am

2. You can’t lie in

Even on a weekend you just gotta be up and about

3. You love creating lists

You love completing tasks before getting to work where more lovely jobs wait for you to slay

4. You LOVE a morning gym and swim session!

Yoga, pilates, treadmill and weights, easy-peasy and oh-so refreshin’

5. You get that fist pump feeling when you wake up before your alarm

6AM? Let’s GOOOO girl

6. Morning Coffee? Nope

This gal don’t need caffeine – you prefer a super green homemade smoothie

7. Bags? What Bags?

You don’t have a dark circle in sight and you’re looking fresh AF all day everryyday

8.You don’t understand how everyone is so tired all the time

5 shots of coffee and still totes exhausted? No thank you