By Sarah Pritchard 

Come yours or anyone’s big day, chances are you you’ll come across some or all of these gems. Sit back, relax and read and relate…

10 Girls You'll Find At Every Wedding

1. The Maid of Honour

This is your best friend, you’ve known each other for years, your mum treats her like a daughter and she grew up alongside you and your siblings. She’ll also stand there laughing as you panic watch the other 9 girls causing havoc – don’t worry, she’ll always have a glass of wine on hand to calm your nerves.

10 Girls You'll Find At Every Wedding

2. The Distant Cousin

She knows no one. She doesn’t even know you. She’s your mum’s auntie’s cousin’s daughter’s daughter and she’s just as miserable as you to find herself in this situation. If she’s a good sport she’ll try and join in but realistically she’s muted all of the group chats and will just turn up on the day.

10 Girls You'll Find At Every Wedding

3. The One That’s Always At The Bar

You met at university. She was the girl that you would find at the bar and never failed to bring the party. However over time you’ve moved on from the Uni lifestyle, got yourself a job and finally settled down – she on the other hand has not. You gave her a plus one to be nice but she’s left it ’til last minute and brought the first person she matched on Tinder. 

10 Girls You'll Find At Every Wedding

4. The Diva

She’s obsessed with the dress. Not your dress, oh no, her dress. Because she has to look perfect and she will kick off if she doesn’t. Think you can squeeze her into a fluffy green and orange dress? Oh no she’ll turn up in white if you even mention it.

10 Girls You'll Find At Every Wedding

5. The Plain Jane

Getting fun out of this girl is like getting blood from a stone but you’ve known her for years and deep down you know you love each other like sisters. Slip her some vodka and watch her loosen up! But be careful, she will go straight back to barking orders and sanitizing her hands the next day.

10 Girls You'll Find At Every Wedding

6. The Workaholic

You also met at uni. Somewhere between moving home and getting her first role she ditched the alcohol and began her ascent into the working world. She earns money and don’t you know about it – as long as she doesn’t have to take a call through the speeches, you’ll be fine. 

10 Girls You'll Find At Every Wedding

7. The Selfie Queen

She’s beautiful and she knows it. She also carries her selfie stick everywhere. Lost her? She’s probably over in the corner getting the grandparents to say cheese! 

10 Girls You'll Find At Every Wedding

8. Little Miss Perfect (also known as The Innocent One)

God bless her soul at your hen party when the strippers and the shots come out. All you can do is watch and see which other character takes her under their wing. Get your phone out, the pictures will be memorable!

10 Girls You'll Find At Every Wedding

9. The Lover Scorned

She got married 3 years ago then caught her husband with the neighbour and their pool boy. She’s got through the last year on a stable diet of gin and pizza. In her eyes all men are the enemy and she’s joined a knitting group. Don’t worry though she’s agreed to play nice for a few hours. Maybe even dance with the best man!

10 Girls You'll Find At Every Wedding

10. The Mother Hen

She’s been there and done that. 3 kids, 2 dogs and a hubby but she loves life. They’ve got a babysitter and they are going for it. The dancefloor will be full because they will make it.

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